• Produced in the United States, South America, Canada, Australia, and China from the tails and manes.
  • The tails produce the stiffer grades in both black and grey.
  • The mane hair is soft and produced in both black and grey.
  • Horsehair is used in a variety of brushes such as, floor sweeps, shoe shine brushes, tin handle acid brushes, counter dusters, window brushes, etc.


  • A synthetic man-made filament that offers excellent resiliency and durability.
  • This fiber has high water absorbency and is impervious to solvents, alkalis and certain acids and is immune to most common chemicals. Nylon can withstand use near high temperatures and has high resistance to abrasion.


  • Palmyra is a natural cinnamon-color fiber obtained from the leaf stalk of a palm tree native to India.
  • Palmyra is obtainable in the prime stiff and medium stiff grades.
  • This fiber is used in garage floor brushes, gong or fender washing brushes, deck brushes, scrub brushes, etc.


  • This is a very coarse fill having the appearance of split bamboo.
  • The stiff long-lasting material is used almost exclusively in street and contractor brooms.


  • Available in a variety of diameters and colors. Polypropylene is highly resistant to petroleum solvents, acids, caustics and detergents.
  • Polypropylene is used in brushes such as acid brushes, garage floor brushes, and black-top coater brushes. 


  • Also available in a variety of diameters and colors.
  • Polystyrene is highly resistant to acids and detergents, but has a lower resistance to petroleum solvents.
  • Polystyrene has excellent flexibility and wear ability, which makes it Magnolia Brush Manufacturers’ choice for a filament in floor sweeping brushes, car washing brushes, scrub brushes and many others.


  • A vegetable fiber obtained from the Argava Lechuguilla cactus which grows wild on mountain slopes in Mexico.
  • The natural color of the fiber is cream color.
  • Tampico fiber is obtainable in natural color and dyed colors as well as mixtures of different colors.
  • Tampico is used in floor sweeping brushes, automobile washing brushes, acid brushes, counter dusters and many other brushes.


  • A mixture usually of Tampico and Palmyra and often including Bassine.
  • This fiber is cream and medium brown in color and is used in many different styles of brushes for wet or dry scrubbing.


  • A variety of wires are used in our brushes.
  • We use only very high psi carbon and stainless steel wire in our scratch brushes and tempered brass in our aircraft brushes, white sidewall brushes and special-use brushes.

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