$ 2.15

  • Yellow Foam Roller Covers with PVC core.
  • Large cover (9FM075) made with slits to ensure even coverage on rough or uneven surfaces. 
  • Foam covers won’t splatter, mat or leave fuzz in finish and are seamless for even coverage.
  • For use with all paints (NOT lacquer or shellac). 
  • They’re great for getting a lot of paint onto porous surfaces (such as wood paneling or cabinets), and for creating super-smooth finishes with glossier paints.
  • Foam does not absorb paint, resulting in easy clean up with water if you are using latex paint or with the correct solvent if you are using paints other than latex.
  • Length: 9 inches
  • 3/8” packed 12 per carton.
  • 3/4” packed 24 per carton.
  • Packed 24 per carton.
  • Minimum Order: 24
  • Price includes shipping to one location

Item#                          Nap                        Price/Each

9FM038                      3/8"                          $2.15

9FM075                      3/4"                          $2.90



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